06 Oct 2012

Number 12, the slightly disappointing Bronica ETRS

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The Bronica ETRS is a medium format SLR camera with interchangeable lenses, backs and viewfinders and somehow it manages to disappoint in all it’s guises. Although it’s light and versatile I never really got to like this camera. I bought it on a whim thinking I would make use of it’s portability rather than carrying round a square format TLR like the Mamiya C220 or even  the mighty Mamiya RZ67 which weighs more than an average house-brick but I just never took to it’s plasticky convenience and the 6 x4.5 negative it produces.

Now don’t get me wrong the Bronica has lots of things to recommend it, there are a good range of cheap, quality lenses, it’s light not too big, all sorts of accessories for not much money so what’s not to like?


Bronica ETRS HP5+-4 I ran a roll of  HP5+ through it and quite like the images I got, but the whole thing just leaves me a bit cold, it’s got no soul.





It’s funny how some cameras just feel right and some  don’t, it makes no sense and there’s no logic to it, the ETRS seems to offer so much, but ultimately it’s too big to be really portable  and the negs are too small to be ‘proper’  medium format.

These were shot on Ilford HP5+ and as usual processed in Rodinal (1+25) for  6 minutes at 20 degrees, scanned using a Nikon Coolscan 9000 and tweaked using Lightroom 2.

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  1. Reply Anton says:

    Wow, what a fun project! I will be sure to pop in regularly to see how things get on!

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